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How to swear in foreign languages

From the TV Series Red Dwarf

Episode - Backwards

Kryten: (Removing the mask) But if people see my face, what are they going to think?
Rimmer: Tell them you had an accident. Tell them you took your car to the crushers and forgot to get out!

Rimmer: There's nothing we CAN do until the others find us. We'd better get a job. But what jobs are there in a backwards reality for a dead hologram and an android with a head shaped like a novelty condom?

Cat: Three weeks we been doin' this.
Lister: Well, we'll do it 'til we find them.
Cat: (Somberly) We ain't gonna find 'em. They're gone, buddy. But look on the bright side... (Elatedly) They're GONE, buddy!

What's it say?
Lister: I dunno, it's in some weird foreign language or somethin'. "Srehtorb" -- that must be Polish or Bulgarian or somethin'.
Cat: You speak Bulgarian?
Lister: Bulgarian? Please, I hardly speak English.

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